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VisionCAST Workshop

An invaluable, affordable way to kick-start your project

While visiting your church for consecutive days of focused work, your navigator quickly engages your team to create momentum and excitement for your project. You receive an objective overview for your project, preliminary ministry-focused design solutions, and guidance for moving forward. This intensive on-site process includes:


  • evaluating existing property and buildings

  • exploring options for renovation and/or new space

  • considering needs for additional property or relocation

  • developing a preliminary project budget and financial plan

  • a master site plan concept sketch

  • conceptual floor plan(s) for new construction and or renovation

  • renderings of conceptual designs


This service, offered on a flat fee basis, includes preparation, travel expenses, and creative design focused on your church’s unique needs all for one low price.

  • The VisionCAST supports the leadership’s view that the project is a spiritual undertaking

  • It creates broad support from staff, leadership, and stake holders involved in the process

  • Provides early consideration of feasibility

  • Helps with prioritization of needs and phasing of projects

  • Includes focused interactive problem solving sessions

  • Draws from a rich legacy and vast experience with diverse clients and extensive observations

  • Increases likelihood of financial participation through ownership in a collaborative process

  • Generates enthusiasm by giving practical solutions combined with creative design expertise to address issues

  • Increases probability for implementation with a positive emphasis on what the church can accomplish

Benefits of the VisionCAST include:
Getting Value-Packed Results - How To Prepare

Prior to the on-site VisionCAST event, your church is asked to complete a Ministry Profile that we provide. This questionnaire will supply crucial information needed for your navigator to prepare for the visit. As part of this process, your church is also asked to provide a topographic survey of the property and scale drawings of any existing buildings. Everything should arrive in our Nashville office several weeks prior the visit. Then your navigator will prepare to arrive equipped and able to develop solutions appropriate to your ministry model. The Ministry Profile gives you all the details of how to prepare.

What to Expect


VisionCAST Workshops are multi-day events. Some larger and more complex projects may require the schedule to be expanded to more days of collaboration which will add moderate cost to the fee. The vast majority of workshops are conducted over a two week schedule as described below:

committee meeting
main entrance to a church
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Church Sanctuary or Worship Center
Day One

The navigator begins the visit with a tour of any existing facilities and property, accompanied by a person who is familiar with how each space is used, followed by a meeting with the lead pastor and a brief session of private preparation by the navigator. The first day concludes as your navigator leads an evening meeting with the team of leaders and stake holders responsible for the project to discuss his observations, pertinent church history, vision for the future, your community, the growth strategy, financial position, funding possibilities, known space needs, and general parameters for the current project and long term. The group participates by providing feedback, discussion, and additional information in a workshop environment, so that when the meeting ends, the navigator is prepared for the next step's tasks with a sense of the requirements and direction of the design.

Day Two

Your navigator may create an improvised studio at the church, or return to his office, where he completes design studies and refines his recommendations for a concluding evening meeting with your team by creating a conceptual master site plan, a strategy for the phases of construction, various drawings to communicate the plan concepts, and preliminary cost projections.


After completing the design process, the navigator brings his materials for presentation to the church. He presents his recommendations through a PowerPoint presentation. He hears additional input from the church leadership, and attempts to reach consensus on next steps for the project. Because of our ability to quickly grasp the key Issues and design creative and purposeful solutions, clients often tell us that these are the most valuable days they have ever experienced in the planning process.


The navigator will provide a copy of his PowerPoint presentation illustrating foundational principles, conceptual master site plan, building floor plan, rendering(s), and budget parameters for the project at no additional cost to the church. If authorized by the church, follow-up services may include developing the plans in greater detail, incorporating changes requested by the committee, full-color perspective rendering(s) and/or complete construction drawings for permitting the project for an additional fee which can be quoted after the consultation.

Day Three

By shifting the design process from a closed-door secretive process with little to no ownership, to a wide-open quickly developing problem solving session, it catapults the organization to a new level of effectiveness. I would count it a privilege to listen to you, hear your heart, learn of your church’s journey, answer questions, and provide realistic solutions for your church.

rendering of student building
Aerial View of a master plan
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